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Windshield Wipers Were Invented by a Woman

In 1902 Mary Anderson invented the "window cleaning device" in order to keep snow off the

windshield of streetcars so that drivers didn't have to continue getting out of the vehicle to clean the windscreen. See the picture from The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As we begin our decent into winter, it may be time to check your windshield wipers. Generally it is a good rule-of-thumb to replace your windshield wipers at least once a year. It might be important to be able to see clearly out of your windshield.

A common question then would be, are windshield wipers easy to replace? You can head over to YouTube for some quick instruction on your specific vehicle or, if you don't want to replace them, you don't have to. Most auto parts stores will help you replace them. This means that you generally have to purchase them from that auto parts store. So then, the question would be which windshield wipers do I need or which windshield wipers are the best?

To be honest, if you live in an area like Sunny San Diego, it doesn't really matter if you spend $30 a blade or $50 a blade, you're going to use them twice then have to replace them. If you live somewhere with more inclement weather, you may want a more efficient blade. There are different types of blades and they have different reviews. Personally I would discuss it with the lovely people at O'Reilly Auto Parts, or you can do your homework. Here is a decent article to help:

You've picked your blades, they helped you put them on at O'Reilly's, you're using them and now the question is why do windshield wipers make noise or why do they squeak? There are a couple common reasons:

  • Windshield is dirty

  • Wipers are dirty

  • The wiper blades are getting old and beginning to fail

  • There is no moisture on the windshield and you're using the wipers while dry

Last question: Can windshield wipers be recycled?

Answer: Depends on the wiper blade. Wiper blades are made out of rubber or silicone. Rubber (a petroleum product) cannot be recycled. Silicone can. in both cases, you can remove all rubber and silicone components and recycle the metal arm.

Make sure YOU can see clearly out of your windshield - maybe clean the inside while you're at it!

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