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Automotive consulting & education

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The honest

​Ask questions from an expert to learn and SAVE $$

  • If we don't have the answer for you and your car, we will help you find someone who does

  • Many questions can be answered over the phone without having to take your car anywhere

  • Free resources are offered first.

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When should you reach out?

  • Your car is making a weird noise

  • You want a second opinion

  • You think you need maintenance but you don't know

  • You visited a mechanic but don't trust the work

  • You need to find a new mechanic

  • You just went in for something small, but they are saying you need a bunch of work done

save money

(Concierge consulting)

  • There is NO REGULATION on pricing in the automotive industry

  • On average, a quick chat with Girlie Garage saves people $800

  • Pricing: 15mins for $35 

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eliminate anxiety


  • Learn about YOUR personal vehicle

  • 2 hour Session with an expert $280​

  • Lifetime of confidence = priceless

        **Group workshops available**


girlie garage

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"I had an info session with Talena and the amount of value that she provided in an hour was incredible. One hour with her will save you tens of thousands over a lifetime of car ownership, not exaggerating."


— Laurie O.

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