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How to Save $$ At The Mechanic

This course is designed for anyone who would like to feel more confident when visiting a mechanic. It's also a really great course for anyone who has recently visited a mechanic and received a quote that they are unsure about how they should proceed with the suggested repairs.

What is Covered In This Course?

Break down what is being said to you by the mechanic

  • Go through a sample quote one line item at a time

  • Learn resources to translate and speak the language of automotive repairs as it relates to your car

  • Learn how to confirm or deny if a repair needs to be made

  • What to do if a repair does need to be made

  • How best to authorize a repair 


If you have specific questions about your vehicle, and need help NOW. Girlie Garage offers automotive consulting available in 15 minute blocks for $35 each.

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